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 The Leonum sound lives somewhere between Acoustic Alternative and Americana and thrives on striking melody lines, harmony vocals and spirited performances.  It's about moments...  

There are moments when you catch your muse before it slips away into the ether and it smiles back at you.

There are moments of joy when a tune or idea evolves into a song.

There are moments in the studio when the combination of instruments feels much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

There are moments when the harmonies align to lift the vocals to heights that can't be achieved on their own.

There are moments when a lyric resonates at just the right time and things make sense again, even if only briefly.

There are moments when we find a groove and it feels like the music plays itself.

There are moments when we connect with the audience in a manner that transcends mere listening, but is real and intimate and precious.

There are moments when time stands still and nothing but the melody and rhythm matter.

There are moments...  


Leonum is about the pursuit of these moments.


We hope you can help create and share them with us...


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