Sean Francois


Chicago   IL

Sean started playing the upright bass when he was 9 through his elementary school orchestra program. He had played some guitar and piano before that, but it didn't really stick. As his parents are both folk musicians he grew up surrounded by musicians and being at concerts.

Sean tells us: “The joke when I was little was that my parents were the only musicians who traveled with their own daycare.”

Being surrounded by this amount of musical talent in his early life made it totally normal to pick up an instrument. Sean remembers that just really liking the tone of the instrument and the growl to it.

Though his primary instrument is the double bass and electric bass, but he can also play some piano and guitar.

When talking about his double bass Sean’s eyes start to glow. It was made by the John Juzek Company in the 1950s. The Juzek basses from this time period are pretty commonly used by jazz musicians. They have a really punchy sound with a lot of growl that just fits the style well. He found it in a shop in McHenry a few years ago. It has a gorgeous finish on it and once I put some work into some improvements/upkeep on it, the sound really opened up and since then he had been really happy with it.

Sean is the newest member of Leonum when joining in summer 2015.

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